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Our story

How the madness begun. . .

Our Story…

Having many ideas and wanting to find people to share these ideas with to make connections has been a passion of Gabriel Mundaka for a very long time. ”The Creative Asylum” was stated with that desire.

In 2012 over 10 years ago, with only 10,000 UGX Gabriel got to work. He printed out business card tickets and sold each at 10,000 UGX to his friends and everyone he knew.

The promise of ‘free food and drink’ had been negotiated with a restaurant hosting the very first “The Creative Asylum” event.

His first experience had all ticket money going to paying for the ‘free food and drink’ the start of his passion of making connections to an audience had begun.

Let’s Build Something Together

Stories of African creators who became successful and achieved their dreams despite the odds.