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The Madhouse podcast is where we bring you the wild and wonderful stories of creative Africans who are shaking things up and leaving their mark. From humble beginnings to astounding accomplishments, these trailblazers will inspire you with their journeys.

Get ready to be captivated by their stories as you listen to the audacious tales of these remarkable individuals. We dive deep into their minds and processes, giving you an exclusive glimpse into the world of Africa’s most innovative thinkers.

Latest Episode

In this episode of Madhouse, we have a conversation with Tom Oketch about curiosity, life and community and the exciting things he has been up to and the lessons he has learned along the way.

Recent Episodes

From Family Bonds to Comic Book Canvas: Unveiling Brian Humura's Artistic Odyssey

In this episode of Madhouse, we speak to Brian Humura a comic book artist about his journey as an artist, how he got started how family played a role in his career and the lessons he has learnt along the way.

Unlocking the Ultimate Geek's Guide to Thriving in Life! 🚀 | Dive into Anthony Ecuman's Epic Journey

In this episode of Madhouse, we have a conversation with Anthony Ecuman Stanely a talented and creative technology entrepreneur about his journey of self-education, loving life and people and the exciting things he has been up to and the lessons he has learned along the way.

Unleashing Purpose: Nelson Muhire's Inspiring Journey to Empower Youth for a Brighter Future

Join us for a captivating episode as we delve into the world of creating a movement to help young people find their purpose. Our guest, Nelson Muhire, team leader at The Collective, shares his inspiring journey and the mission that drives him. Discover the transformative events that sparked his passion and the challenges he faced along the way.

What People Say

“my experience was great.. at some point i forgot we were recording and it was just a genuine conversation you have with an old friend”
Jonah Kagimba
“The one thing that stood out the most for me was how at home I felt. The entire experience was felt natural....like talking to another family member. Props to Gabriel for an incredible and highly interactive podcast”
Brian Humura
Comic book artist
"It's always refreshing to hear from hidden gems in the creative world. You just never know who they're bringing in the next episode... might be someone you've always known... might be someone you've not heard of... but there's always a lot to learn from their stories and experiences!"
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Rodrigo Alonso
“We creatives are an interesting breed. We live for the challenge - the “aha” moments that come with discoveries, new insights and breakthroughs; always the keen observers of the human condition. Life is all the sweeter when we find our tribe - likeminded people that speak our "language", people that understand and share our passions. Madhouse is always engaging creatives and giving us with a platform to share our stories - isn't this just awesome”
Maria Mwase
“Eget interdum id nunc at diam pellentesque tortor eros aliquet sed pretium, fermentum, nulla ornare diam.”
Mila Jackson

Meet Your Host

Meet Gab, the charismatic host of Madhouse, a creative chameleon of the industry! With a remarkable 8 years of experience, Gab is a true jack-of-all-trades, mastering filmmaking, graphic design, and music production. Not just a wizard behind the lens and computer, but also in the kitchen, crafting culinary creations that delight the senses. Gab’s mantra? “Do or die.” He fearlessly tackles challenges, his relentless drive a testament to his unwavering passion for creativity.


Gabriel Mundaka